Financial  Ecosystem  Chain (FES Chain)

The Financial Ecology Chain is a distributed digital asset financing solution based on block chain intelligent contracts. The platform uses block chain underlying technology. The ability to provide commercial block chains with unlimited capacity, basic free of charge, and protection of commercial secrets through financial ecological chains; And different businesses and scenarios are connected by technology to achieve efficient collaboration.
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         Joanna                              Li Yipei                              Universe
Progres  Planning

In May 2017, the sino-russian technical team of FES was established, and the launch conference was held in Moscow.

In December 2017, the technical demonstration of FES was approved, and the Chinese and Russian teams began the technical development of FES.

In may, 2018, the first edition of FES commercial white leather came out, and the official account of FES official website was developed simultaneously.

In June 2018, FES Singapore was established by the foundation and held its first press conference in Russia.

In July 2018, 30 commercial roadshows and the construction of an ecosystem of 100,000 people are planned at home and abroad.

In August 2018, it will connect with well-known exchanges at home and abroad.

In August 2018, FES issued the token currency in early August, and it was initially scheduled to be on the exchange platform in late August.


Solstice 26 June 28, 2018, sponsored by the currency ma3 wen "global consensus block chain summit Bangkok station" held a grand, the summit digital block chain industry elite and the guests made a wonderful speech, two heavyweight roundtable, during the conference also provides the high quality project on free exchange chance roadshow, free international conference and a large number of COINS group and other large benefits drop.The theme of the summit is "advancing global wisdom and linking for a win-win future".

Important guests invited to the summit has Thai defense minister: ChuXin general (transliteration), hua ying capital: promise, currency, founder and CEO Sunny Sun, ChuXin (transliteration) general mentioned block chain technology is widely used in speech will be conducive to the development and cooperation from all walks of life, let blocks chain technology reconstruction of the world.


FES financial ecological core technical staff, ms Joanna for the summit to share his understanding of the financial ecosystem and ideas, she has been committed to the technology research and development of financial ecosystem, and the relevant achievements.


Along with the continuous innovation of block chain technology and the continuous development of commercial application, block chain is reshaping the traditional industry value with the image of the peak.In this context, the global blockchain consensus summit is held to strengthen exchanges among the global blockchain industry, reach a true blockchain development consensus and promote the development of the global blockchain.The FES financial ecological chain is also constantly improving its popularity and influence with its strength.

FES asia-pacific partners, Chen said: in the chain of blocks in the outbreak of the first year, FES has followed the trend of The Times, relying on the platform of the domain name assets, good application block chain technology, to create a better intelligent contracts, and believes that the financial chain and chain block has a significant value and influence, at the same time think originally FES human intelligent life from a new era of innovation to strive for a lifetime.